Meet Maggie

Maggie is a 5-year old German Shepherd mix and a victim of tragic life events. She is a very sweet dog and needs a loving home. Maggie had found her forever home with a wonderful woman who tragically died in an accident making her loose her home once again.

Maggie is a sweet girl. She does have some anxiety and needs an experienced adopter wiling to work with her. Maggie is okay with some dogs but this would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis. We would prefer a single dog home so she gets the attention she deserves.

Maggie is presently taking mediation for Hypocalcemia (Calcitriol aka Vitamin D3) which possibly needs to be given indefinitely. The vet isn’t sure yet. We are still hopeful to get er off it. The medication costs $60 for a 2-month supply. It’s one pill daily which she takes happily in a pill pocket.

Age: 5 years
Sex: female
Altered: yes
Vaccinations: all
Dog friendly: selective
Child friendly: probably

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