Yearly Archives: 2019

Is A German Shepherd Right For You?

The German Shepherd Dog is an amazing companion dog. German Shepherd Dogs are versatile in ability and gentle in nature. They are considered highly intelligent, loyal, protective, and bond well with people.

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Traveling with Your German Shepherd

Traveling with your German Shepherd is a wonderful experience. Most dog owners would love to bring their dog everywhere, but we usually can't, so when we get a chance to take our buddy on a road trip, it's special. This article will cover some important considerations when traveling with your German Shepherd. Essentials Bring enough…
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Max (adopted)

This is Max he was adopted at 7 years old from a shelter (not us). He was healthy and happy. The adopters clearly did NOT care for him!! They let his mange go and then re-dumped him back at SBC, a very high-kill shelter.

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