Having a German Shepherd in your life is awesome. German Shepherds are loyal, intelligent, reliable, confident and so much more. In our view German Shepherds are the best dogs in the world, but we admit, we are biased. The goal in breeding German Shepherds was to create the ultimate working dog. Mission Accomplished! No other dog breed is as versatile and capable than a German Shepherd. Being a working dog but also part of the herding group there is no task a German Shepherd can't learn: obedience, agility, tracking, search and rescue, protection sport, herding, police/military, assistance, guidance, medical alert, and so much more. If a dog can do it, a German Shepherd can master it. German Shepherds bond well with humans and want to be part of the family. They want to be with you and participate in your life.

When you rescue a dog, they know. Rescue dogs are grateful you saved them and you can see it in their eyes. There is nothing like it!

All German Shepherds at Sylvester's Haven are evaluated by professional behaviorists and if necessary trained by certified trainers to be good family dogs. All our dogs are vaccinated prior to adoption against Rabies and DHPP (Distempter, Hepatitis, Parvo, and Parainfluenza viruses). All our dogs are spayed or neutered (unless there is a medical waiver) and microchip-ed with lifetime registration. Sylvester's Haven will always remain the primary microchip registrant but upon adoption the new family will be registered as emergency contact with the registrar.

We do care deeply about our rescue dogs as we saved them from death row or the street and helped them get back to health. Our adoption contracts contain a variety of provisions to ensure our German Shepherds will never suffer again. Expect us to check in with you from time to time and ask for pictures here and there. German Shepherds need exercise and mental stimulation so we are looking for active adopters who can provide at least a sixty minute walk a day and have enough time for a companion. We expect our dogs to become part of your family, which means sharing your home with you and not be confined to a yard. We also prohibit any kind of attack dog training for our dogs.

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please request an adoption application below and an electronic application form will be emailed to you within 30 minutes; you complete it in your browser. Once we receive your adoption request, we will review your information, speak with your references, and conduct first a phone interview and then a home check. We want to make sure you and your desired dog are a good match for each other.

Request An Adoption Application
  1. Request an adoption application below by providing your full name, email and phone number and clicking 'Send'.
  2. You will receive an email from us with a link to complete the adoption application online (usually within 30 min).
  3. Click the link in that email and complete the application online.
  4. We will review the adoption application and get in touch with you within 24 hours.