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Is A German Shepherd Right For You?

The German Shepherd Dog is an amazing companion dog. German Shepherd Dogs are versatile in ability and gentle in nature. They are considered highly intelligent, loyal, protective, and bond well with people.

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Meet Heidi (adopted)

Heidi is a female German Shepherd Dog and about 3 years old. She is great with small children and friendly with most dogs. Heidi is a bundle of energy and drive. She loves attention and begin petted. Heidi loves training.

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Meet Bobo (adopted)

We rescued Bobo on October, 25th from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter. He is terrified, needs medical attention (a sore spots in the genital area) and a nail trim. We set up a special Facebook page where we will post updates. You can follow his story and progress at If you can please also…
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Meet Striker (adopted)

Striker is a two-year old male German Shepherd Dog. He is great with dogs and people and command trained. He has a solid understanding of several commands in German: down (the German command is 'platz'), stay (the German command is 'bleib'), and out (the German command is 'aus'). He also responds to 'come' but that…
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