Meet Striker (adopted)

Striker is a two-year old male German Shepherd Dog. He is great with dogs and people and command trained. He has a solid understanding of several commands in German: down (the German command is 'platz'), stay (the German command is 'bleib'), and out (the German command is 'aus'). He also responds to 'come' but that one needs a bit more work. Striker recalls well on his name though. He is on the smaller side for German Shepherds but don't let that fool you. Striker IS a German Shepherd (GSD fans know what I mean). Overall Striker is a great dog and needs an active family. Ideally we would like him go to a home where he will get to do some protection sport / bite work. He loves it.

Age: 2 years
Sex: male
Altered: no
Vaccinations: Rabies, DHPP
Dog friendly: yes
Child friendly: yes
Comments: house trained, command trained, protection sport candidate, high energy, strong drives

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